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Paint and Varnish

The beauty of a house or commercial space mainly depend on beautiful furniture and good color design. Here Cleaningbd comes with a complete solution to keep home and office space looks good. Cleaningbd is the only company in Bangladesh who has a creative Paint and Varnish team.

Our painting and varnishing services include: Bottom paint Painting: Hulls. Topsides. Nonskid. Interiors. Bilge coat. Engine rooms. Masts. Paint and gelcoat repairs. Interior and exterior varnish. Varnish and water damaged wood repairs.

we always think about customer satisfaction. we are the only company in Bangladesh who has the height customer satisfaction in paint and varnish services.

Where can I get some?

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Service Includes

  • Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Resource & Time

  • Resources: Minimum: 3-4 Professional Cleaners
  • Time Duration: 5-6 Hours


  • Warranty: 7 days service warranty is given by Cleaningbd.


  • Payment: After service completion – respective customers will pay through online or COD. After payment please make sure, you have received the SMS containing the money receipt.

Have You Any Question?

Yes. All kinds of material cost for cleaning services is included in the price declared.

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