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Vertical Blind Cleaning

While vertical blinds gather less dust than horizontal blinds, they still get dirty over time and need to be cleaned every so often. Vertical Blind cleaning is one of the toughest task for any commercial spaces and also for house hold but Cleaningbd makes this task very easy. This is the only company in Bangladesh which makes this task scrupulously.

Cleanigbd is the only company in Bangladesh which uses the latest tools for vertical blind cleaning. we have experienced vertical blind cleaning team and they uses modern technology and tools for vertical blind cleaning

Service Includes

  • Full Home Deep Cleaning

Resource & Time

  • Resources: Minimum: 3-4 Professional Cleaners


  • Pricing policy: Price mentioned are based on minimum quantity stated extra charge will be added if the work scope increases.


  • Payment: After service completion – respective customers will pay through online or COD. After payment please make sure, you have received the SMS containing the money receipt.

Have You Any Question?

Yes. All kinds of material cost for cleaning services is included in the price declared.

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